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From: Simon Carter
Subject: Felipe100% Pure Fiction. Not to be read by Canadian friends to the north.
Hey Jimmy, you won't believe what I heard. What? You know that little
Mexican kid Felipe from down the block. Yeah, he hangs out with my little
brother. He sucks dick. What, no way! Yes way! I heard he sucked off Eric
Henderson. Really? And guess who else? Who? Aaron. Aaron who? Aaron, your
brother. My brother, you sure? He's twelve. Yup. Felipe's ten. That little
cocksucker. Just then Jimmy felt his cock twitch in his pants, he fought
back the temptation to adjust himself. Hey I gotta get going home, my bitch
of a Mom will rag on me if I'm not home soon. Yeah sure, thanks for telling
me.Jimmy adjusted himself seeing his friend afar off. He thought of Aaron and
wondered where the little fucker was, it was almost eight at night. He went
upstairs to his room he shared with his brother and locked the door behind
him. As he laid there his cock with a mind of its own started getting
hard. He put his hands in his pants and started stroking the tube of flesh
thinking of his brother getting sucked off. He pulled off his shirt leaving
himself naked from the waist up, he then unzipped his pants and opened the
flaps and pulled his fat 6 inch cut cock out of his pants and started
stroking the hot rod in his hands and in no time flat he shot three good
streams of hot cum on his chest and stomach. He went over the bathroom and
cleaned up and went over to the kitchen to get a bite to eat. He made
himself a sandwich and was in the kitchen eating when there was a knock on
the back door. It startled him. He jumped and wondered who was at the
door. He went over to the door and saw his brother peering through the
glass window.Dude, where's your key. I don't know, I think I must have left it at
Felipe's. Uh huh, Mom here? No, she hasn't got here yet. Good. Jimmy
wondered just what his little brother was sporting now since he was a bit
more private about changing in front of him. He would change in the
bathroom to avoid being seen. His cock twitched for whatever reason he
didn't understand. It made him horny. Jimmy wanted to bring up what he had
heard today, but didn't want to embarrass his brother and kept it to
himself. The two boys went to their bedroom and stripped down to their
underwear and played their video game until it was time to go to free lolita nude galleries
bed. As
Aaron sat there in his boxers Jimmy tried what he could to get a glimpse of
Aaron's cock, but to no avail. Before long it was time to go to bed and the
two slipped off nude teens lolita videos into slumberland.The next morning Aaron was up early and off to school. Jimmy staggered to
the shower and enjoyed the warm water hitting his body. After the shower
Jimmy got dressed and started making his way to school. As he walked down
the block he watched Felipe open the door to his house and cut across the
lawn to the sidewalk. Jimmy greeted Felipe and the same time his cock
momentarily filled with blood at the thought of his Felipe's lips wrapped
around his cock. Jimmy wanted his cock sucked and thought of ways to get
Felipe to do it. Jimmy asked him his age and found out he was 10 years
old. Jimmy asked Felipe if he wanted to cut school that he knew of place
where they could mess around. Felipe said sure, he didn't feel like going
to school anyway and wondered why he would ask him to cut school. He never
hung around with him before.This way, I know of old abandoned building where we can skip school. The
two boys arrived at the neglected building. Jimmy started picking up chunks
of plastered rock and cement and dirt and tossing them against the walls
and exploding in a million pieces, not to mention the dent in the wall.
Felipe followed by doing the same and laughed. Jimmy followed up by picking
the biggest lolita nude preeteen girls rock he could find and with all his might flung it against the
wall and left a huge hole in the wall. The two boys busted up in huge
laughter. Jimmy felt the urge to piss and thought of finding a place to
piss and then it hit him, he would just take his cock out in front of
Felipe and show him his cock. I gotta piss said Jimmy, he then proceeded to
unzip his pants and take his cock out, Felipe watched as Jimmy let his cut
cock hang over his pants. Here hold it for me said Jimmy jokingly, he didnt
expect Felipe to say yes. Felipe said alright and reached out for Jimmy's
cock and took it in his hand, enjoying the feeling of the soft cock in his
hand.The feeling of the big cock in his hand, compared to his own small uncut
dick. Jimmy enjoying the feeling of the warm hand on his cock felt it
getting hard. His piss came to an end and told Felipe to shake it for him.
Felipe laughed and shook the fat cock in his hand. Felipe wanted to suck
the delightful tube of flesh but didn't know how to ask. He was hoping
Jimmy would ask. What about you Felipe don't you have to take a piss, asked
Jimmy. No, I don't have to go. Yeah you do, Jimmy 14 18 lolita underwear
reached out with his hand
at Felipe's crouch and rubbed over top nude lolitas sites where his cock would be. Jimmy felt a
small mound and cupped it with his hands. Felipe wriggled but never let go
of Jimmy's cock. Jimmy told Felipe to suck his balls, Felipe said alright
and leaned forward and sucked in one nut into his mouth. Jimmy reacted with
his tender nut in Felipe's mouth. Suck my cock instead.Felipe took the one nut out of his mouth and and put his mouth on Jimmy's
cock and took as much as he could of the 6 inch wood into his mouth. Jimmy
cooed in delight. Yeah, that feels real good. Keep sucking. Jimmy was hot
and couldn't take it much longer. Felipe you better stop said Jimmy. Felipe
said alright and took his mouth off of Jimmy. Jimmy immediately took his
cock into his hand and started to jack himself and before long shot stream
after stream of hot cum onto the floor below. Jimmy basking in the
delightful feeling. Felipe said WOW, that was alot. Jimmy wondered who he
was comparing him to since he himself he was sure could not produce cum.
Jimmy felt like he had to do something for Felipe for his fine work. Jimmy
asked Felipe if he wanted him to suck his dick. Felipe laughed, I don't
know, Okay then, suck it.Felipe pulled his pants and undies down in one move without even
unbuttoning his pants. His skinny 4 inch boner popped out sticking up, the
foreskin pulled back a little exposing the head. Jimmy knelt and and held
on to Felipe with a hand on each side and leaned in and took the small cock
into his mouth and sucked back and forth. Jimmy felt nasty, his own cock
cumming back to life. He pulled back the foreskin and sucked on the head.
Felipe jumped. That feels too good. Jimmy laughed. Jimmy took his mouth off
the cock and licked the two marble sized nuts. Jimmy got up and asked
Felipe if would kiss his ass. Felipe said he would. Jimmy pulled his pants
down and had Felipe kiss his ass cheeks, giving his bare ass pecks here and
there. Here lay down said Jimmy, Felipe laid down. Jimmy straddled the boy
and kneeled and and sat on his heels right over Felipe's head. Open your
mouth, I'm going to let my nuts in your mouth, you suck them okay. Alright
said Felipe, he let the 15 year old nuts in his mouth sucking the
delightful orbs, Jimmy moaning from the great feeling. Yeah suck those
nuts. Oh that feels so good. Yeah lick behind my nuts, Jimmy held onto his
nuts and pulled them forward. He nearly fell forward. Oh man that feels
good. Let me do you. Jimmy got up lolita pussy top sites
and helped Felipe back up and he laid
down.What do I do asked Felipe, take your pants and undies off and sit over my
face like I did. He did just that letting his balls AND cock into Jimmy's
mouth. A world of feeling came over him, he cocked his head back and closed
his eyes with the tremendous new feeling. Jimmy sucking his boy cock and
balls into his mouth wetting the flaccid cock and balls with his saliva.
Felipe's legs gave out and he sat on Jimmy's chest. Jimmy held onto the
boy's ass and lifted him up and licked behind his balls, Jimmy letting his
tongue explore licked Felipe's butthole which made him jump, he let out a
loud moan and Felipe relaxed on Jimmy's tongue. Jimmy continuing to lap and
lick the delightful butthole. Something about sucking the boy's hole that
made him especially horny. He didn't know why, he just knew he liked it.
Felipe was all but sitting on Jimmy's face now.Felipe's cock was now the hardest it had been in his 10 short years. Jimmy
got on his hands and knees and told Felipe to fuck him, to stick his dick
in his ass. Felipe aligned himself behind Jimmy and stuck his cock to
Jimmy's asshole and pushed in a little. Jimmy cooed, yeah push it in
more. Felipe inched in slowly, loving the tight pressure on his cock, he
held on to Jimmy's waist and was pushing in and out. Oh that feels so good,
yeah like that fuck me, do it harder. Harder. Jimmy took hold of his cock
and started to jerk himself off, he felt his sphincter tighten on Felipe's
cock. Go faster when I tell you to, okay. Alright. Jimmy started to jack
himself good and told Felipe to go faster and faster he did, the boys
sweating up a storm, fucking like jack thai lolita 16 yo rabbits. Jimmy felt his balls ready
to explode and for the second time came three hot loads of cum onto the
floor. Jimmy relaxed onto his stomach, Felipe resting on Jimmy's back. Oh
that was awesome Felipe. lolita girls almost nude Can we do it again tomorrow asked Jimmy.The EndComments:
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